Blows My Mind

I wrote this song about being completely infatuated...because I was...COMPLETELY. I was on a brief vacay in Atlanta and was in a total daze. I had to write about it. Once I got it on record and left the studio, I was over the feeling and never revisited the song. (I had a real artist moment, LOL!!) This song was recorded in 2012. I still love the hook. Another one I wish we would have finished.


This week's song was also written in 2012. I realized that one of the biggest mistakes I was making in relationships was not putting myself first. It's so easy to lose yourself that way. As women I think that most of us naturally put our lovers before ourselves. It's a risky game to play. This song is about deciding to put myself first and getting on my best game, my "A-game". Lesson learned...

Missing You Lately Remix ft. Roscoe Dash

The original version of this song was recorded on March 10, 2011! I cant believe it's been over 4 years!!! I originally wrote it because I had gotten dumped and was waiting by the phone. The song is about that phone call that just won't come from the person you've been missing. My manager surprised me with the remix 2 years ago while I was recovering from my heart virus, Myocarditis. It definitely helped brighten my spirits during that rough time. 

Anyways, let me know what yall think!! Enjoy!! 

Peace & Nightmares

 This week's free download is Peace & Nightmares. Wrote it back in the summer of 2013 with my sister Tyler Victoria Miller... At the time the concept was totally inspired by her guitar part. Now the song has so much more meaning... I dedicate it to my baby boy MAX!!!

(Funny sidebar: The day I wrote it, after we left the studio, I got arrested for driving with a suspended license and had to spend the night in jail. I knew it was a great record then! LOL!!)


Just Ain't Over You


This week's song is "Just Ain't Over You." It's another demo I did in the summer of 2012.  Honestly the song is a freestyle. I heard the beat and just started singing. At the time I was trying my best to get over a guy who was really no good for me. I was even dating someone new. But nothing helped. I still missed the guy so I had to write about it. It was definitely therapeutic. I wish we would have finished it, but the studio engineer stole our money for the session and went missing with the files. Somehow we never came back around to finish the song. I still love it though...

Let me know what yall think! 


Unreleased & Uncut

After almost 2 years, I've decided that it's time I release some music! While I'm working on my new album, I wanted to share some demos from the catalog I've built over the years. Most of the songs are unreleased demos from my mixtape series, Single On A Saturday Night. (Y'all remember that, right? Those songs I wrote when I was VERY single and SWORE I was the black Carrie Bradshaw writing about my love life, LOL!) Anyways, I hope y'all enjoy... I'll be releasing a new demo each week throughout the summer!

The first release of the series is Daydreamin'. I wrote this song in the summer of 2012 after listening to a bunch of 60's soul and country music. It's produced by a group called The Hvddle and it's all about good lovin'. I had Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Dolly Parton in heavy rotation at the time.  Take a listen and let me know what y'all think!